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Curtis Novy Biography
Curtis Novy is a mortgage analyst & seasoned lending professional skilled in all facets of commercial, construction, and residential lending. Mr. Novy has 25+ years experience in credit risk management, financial institution consulting, and bank underwriting. During his lengthy career, Mr. Novy has held senior risk management positions with financial institutions including American Financial Network, Bank America, and Wells Fargo Bank. Mr. Novy has been interviewed and quoted by ABC News/Good Morning America, A&E Television, AP News, CNBC American Greed, New York Times, and Washington Post.

Mortgage Underwriting Experience  
Over his long career, Curtis Novy has analyzed in excess of 10,000 mortgage/real estate transactions involving over $100 million in market value. Curtis Novy works closely with legal teams to provide technical support in understanding the complexities of real estate finance, from loan origination to mortgage underwriting standard & practices. Analysis of real estate licensee activities, such as customs, practices, and fiduciary duties of brokers is also a key area of expertise often requested by retaining counsel.

Curtis Novy, Mortgage Analyst

Confidential consulting services are provided to financial institutions, law firms, and state/federal agencies nationwide. Key areas of consulting services include mortgage lending standard and practices, mortgage underwriting, real estate customs and practices, and sub-prime loans.  Mr. Novy consults on both civil and criminal cases and has significant experience analyzing FBI and IRS investigative documents.

Curtis Novy Mortgage Litigation Experience

Over the past 8 years, Curtis Novy has been retained as a confidential consultant on over 200 civil & criminal cases throughout the U.S. and has testified in state and federal court. Case discovery provided to Curtis Novy for analysis exceeds 1 million pages of lender records.

Curtis Novy Quoted in the News
Curtis Novy is frequently contacted by news organizations to comment on breaking industry news, or to provide technical guidance to various financial investigative journalists. Curtis Novy has been interviewed, quoted, and taped for national news broadcasts like CNBC/American Greed, A&E Television, CBS/Good Morning America, NY Times, Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. Most interviews relate to sub-prime lending, bank & foreclosure fraud, and the financial meltdown of 2008. Curtis Novy has authored numerous financial news articles.

Curtis Novy's Professional Consulting Services Include:

Consultant to Financial Institutions and Law Firms

Analysis of Mortgage & Real Estate Documents

Standards of Care (real estate, underwriting, mortgage origination)

Auditing & Underwriting Services

Analyze Bank Loan Portfolios

Assess Credit Risk Management Procedures

Advise Banks on Improving Underwriting Standards

Assess Compliance to CFPB Regulations and ability to repay


Curtis Novy's Professional Affiliations Include:

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (General Member)

National Defender Investigator's Association



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Corporate Mortgage Advisors (CMA)
A nationwide consulting firm formed in 1997 that provides bank consulting, mortgage underwriting, analysis of lender standards of care, forensic analysis of loan documents involving civil and criminal cases, mortgage brokerage standards, mortgage origination, and real estate brokerage & licensing.


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